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Running technique: how to run


(we speak english)
Hi! Are you looking for a good running form/posture? Do you want to avoid injuries? And experience effortless running?
Well, you might be in the right place!
My name is Gabriele and I can teach you a good running technique, in a way that can transform your run!
We do consultancy on everything about running, from shoes, to running technique, to training!

I run since 20 years, and i was lucky enough to learn from many different coaches from around the world
And I want to help runners! Running is easy, we just have to follow the science and not follow what is written on social media!
Here you can find more on me (in italian).

I studied running tecnique in Germany at the RunningWolf school (find ore more here), in London at The Running School (find out more here).
Recently I studied with Chloe Lantier (find out more here), that gave me new and more science-based input!
Drop me a line at or here below in the chat box with your question and I will be happy to reply.
Whatsapp is fine as well +393400647485

Running is not bad for your knees and for your back

Let’s start saying that running is not bad for your knees and for your back. But unless you run with a good running technique!

Yes, running is a technical sport! Like swimming, tennis, ski! So we all should learn how to run properly! To avoid injuries and to use our body how is meant to be!

Many beginners may think that learning a good running technique is something for top athletes! No, it isn’t.
If you want to start skiing or play tennis you look for how to learn, the same principle should be applied in running!

But what is a good running technique?

Now that we undestood why running technique is important, we should understand what is running technique!
Yes, because there is a lot of talking about how you should run, how your foot should land on the ground, the foot cadence, and other things.

Is running technique forefoot running?? NO!

I had the immense privilege to learn a good running technique with Wolfgang Schweim, aka RunningWolf.
A good running technique start from: a relaxed body, no tension in the body!
Without relaxation and without feeling the body, it’s very difficult to learn a good running technique!

So, first you should work on relaxation and mobility (range of movement of your body)!

Running is total body movement

After you have relaxed and felt your body, let’s see how you should run with a good technique.
Running technique is not about how your feet land on the ground, is not about your cadence: running technique involves the whole body!
We run with our whole body, not just with the legs or with the feet!
This is game changing!

Don’t focus on your feet or on your legs, focus on your whole body!

We can help you run better and faster

We will be glad to help you in learning a good running technique!
We are available for consultation in our city, Cuneo.
We go running together and learn directly on the field!

This method is for everybody!
Beginners, intermediate, fast runners

Results are immediate and huge!

To get in touch write me at or whatsapp +393400647485

Gabriele Bonuomo

Scritto da Gabriele Bonuomo

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