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Running shoes and store


(we speak english)
Hi! Are you a runner looking for the best running shoes for you?
Well, you might be in the right place!
My name is Gabriele, this is my project and we do consultancy on everything about running, from shoes to running technique to training!
I can advise you on the best running shoes for your needs!

I run since 20 years, and i was lucky enough to learn from many different coaches around the world.
And I want to help runners in running better and live better!
Here you can find more on me, in italian.

If you are overwhelmed with many different informations and advertisings about running shoes, write me your question and I will make it for you much easier without any commercial push!
Write me at

Here is our web store

Which are the best running shoes?

This is the question every runner ask for!
Well, there is no a single answer for this question!
When we start talking about running shoes, we enter in the commercial and marketing world!
Unfortunately when you read about running shoes in the media there are not so many technical inputs, based on data.
At the end, you decide according to “the promises” of not getting injured or to run happier or faster thanks to the shoes. It’s not true! Simply because it’s not possible that a shoe does something special for you!

Our approach is different: we think that how you run (how you was meant to run) and running shoes are very linked, so you have to care for both at the same time.
Running shoes should be healthy for your feet and should respect feet and body anatomy!

3 tips for selecting running shoes

There are so many different running shoes brands and so many models that it’s very easy lose sight of what is good for us!
Try not to be influenced by the brand or the amount of advertising/reviews you see! Reviews often are not write for your needs (here in italian)

Running shoes that are good for you, no matter what who you are, are:

  • wide in the forefoot, like these
  • comfortable and embracing the foot in the rear and central part, like these
  • lightest as possible, yes! Try these

Most of the famous running shoes out there are not wide enough in the forefoot. Imagine your foot as a platform for your landing: the more platform you have under the foot the more stable you are!
Most of the running shoes out there are could be lighter. If you are light every step it will require less energy cost for you to run! Less energy cost means less fatigue, less fatigue means running longer!

Can I help you?

We will be delighted to help you with the right advices and the right shoes for your needs!
We are available for consultation in our shop in Cuneo, or via Skype.

Unfortunately there are many conservative ideas about running shoes out there.
“Shoes should prevent injuries or protect you from the ground”.
While it is proved that injuries come mainly from bad running technique and bad training habits.

Running shoes should not be perceived as the quick fix: at the end we run, we are the main factor of our running. Shoes are here to assist us, not to run for us!

To get in touch write me at

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