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Running training


(we speak english)
Hi! Are you looking for a training plan to improve yourself and reach your running goals?
Well, you might be in the right place!
My name is Gabriele, this is my project and we do help runners to run better and be a better athlete/person!
We help runners selecting the right shoes , to improve running technique, to train better and be a better runner!

I run since 20 years, and i was lucky enough to learn from many different coaches from around the world. And from my own mistakes, of course!
I want to help runners in be consistent and stay injury free! Through running we can live better and be a better version of ourselves!
Here you can find more on me, in italian.

I learn about running training with the Lydiard method. Lydiard was the father of modern endurance training. He introduced concept like periodisation, strenght, areobic training, and many more.
One the best Lydiard’s quotes is “train, don’t strain”!

Write me an email if you have any question:
Or leave a message here below in chat box, introducing yourself.
Whatsapp is good as well +393400647485

How to run faster or run longer?

Runners need to train in a proper way!
It is not complex, it is very simple!
Unfortunately there are a lot of misconceptions about running training! And if you look on internet you may be get confused!

First, it takes time! We can’t go from couch to marathon in 3 months!
We have to respect our body and our health.
With time and focus and a good training plan, everything is achievable!

Second, we need to do the right things in the right moment, in the right order. The concept of periodisation is that your body need different stimula in different moments!

5 principles for a good training plan

  1. The importance of aerobic foundation. Many runners do understand the importance of the foundations, but they don’t understand the importance of building foundation at an aerobic pace
  2. Adaption. A program should be just a guideline, that we can change if the things don’t go as expected. Many runners follow the plan in a very strict way
  3. Feeling based training. With all the tech devices we have today, we lost the ability to listen to our body. The body knows it all, we just need to reconnect with it! Train by feeling! By feeling your effort
  4. Sequential development. Lydiard is mostly famous for talking about training phases. We could not develop some skills, if we don’t have developed other skills before
  5. Timing: timing is everything. The best plan developed with the wrong timing will not help you succeed when you want to.

Running the Lydiard way

Many runners don’t have a clue about who Arthur Lydiard was
Lydiard was born in New Zealand 1917: in the last century there was no internet, no social media, and running was more professional then now. Runners were healthier, and faster.
Lydiard developed himself a very innovative method that he used for coaching many Olympic champions from the 1500mt to the marathons in the 60’s, the 70’s, the 80’s.
It is said that most of the coaches who came after him took inspiration from his method.

Lydiard method is quite simple in comparison with what we use to think nowdays. Training is simple: keep it simple!
Principles, not formulas, are the keys to successful training.

Can I help you with your running training?

I really like to help other people avoiding the mistakes i did in the past.
Every runner would need a coach because we are not objective with ourselves, even if we know the concepts behind a good training plan

The Lydiard method helped me to improve what I learnt during 20 years of training
I have coached a lot of runners, I mention here two of them that I am proud of:
Coaching a woman with scoliosis, who wore an orthopaedic corset when she was a teenager. I coached her from being a beginner to completing a 10km in 1hour in 6 months.
Coaching a man to complete his first Ironman, under 10 hours, while working full time in a blue collar job. 

You can also reach your potential: just keep things simple and be consistent!
Here is my profile: you can reach me at or via whatsapp +393400647485

Gabriele Bonuomo

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